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Goddess Fortuna
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Goddess Fortuna - History & Inspiration

Fortuna Advisors was named in honor of the Roman Goddess Fortuna and her portrayal of fortune and fate.  The Romans turned to Fortuna for the possibility of realizing riches and plentiful abundance in the context of their individual destinies as they traverse the ups and downs of life.

It was believed that she rewarded those exhibiting pleasant intentions with success and prosperity.  Further, the Romans had faith that Fortuna determined if a person’s luck would be good or bad, or a bit of both.   She was a very popular Goddess.

In a free and capitalist society, to differing degrees we all pursue success and personal wealth.  This motivates business owners and executives to invest their time, money and effort to deliver better products and services at reasonable prices in an efficient manner through the ups and downs of the business cycle.  In the face of great uncertainty and increasingly rapid rates of change, we never know the future as well as we would like, yet we read the signals before us and aim to seize the available opportunities and manage risks.  In our quest for a fortune and in managing our fate, we all turn to Fortuna.

We advocate a management framework we call Internal Capitalism - a culture of explicitly developing strategies, making decisions and assessing performance throughout the company to boost growth, returns and sustainability.  The goal is to create value by encouraging managers to behave like committed owners.  If you believe in Capitalism, then you believe in Internal Capitalism

We believe Goddess Fortuna is very proud of our work.
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